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Utah artist Joseph S. Venus is fascinated by the Pronghorn Antelope. A special feeling observing these fleet footed animals is exciting. At a distance these elegant colored prairie speedsters seem very docile, but at the approach they move with the speed of a windgust across the open plains. John C. Fremont and Kit Carson made the first known exploration of Antelope Island in 1845 and today these wonderful animals can still be seen in their own habitat roaming freely. What an opportunity to paint and preserve on canvas the Western Pronghorn

Pronghorns of Antelope Island

Acrylic Original Available

20" x 30" framed $2,500.00 plus shipping
50 s/n
Giclee printed on 100% acid free Archival paper  
Image size 16" x 20" $179.99 plus shipping

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